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About Mini Closet

    Mini Closet is an online store selling new and pre-loved designer baby and kids' clothing. We select beautiful baby and kids clothing from all over the world and sell them at a reasonable price, so that parents could buy great quality baby and kids clothing at affordable prices. 

    We also accept second hand baby and kids clothing for consignment. Mini Closet inspect each item received one by one, and then perform basic treatments as needed, such as removing small yellow stains, ironing, etc., to ensure each second-hand clothing is delivered to the next user in good condition.

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Owner's Message

    "I loved all kinds of beautiful clothes since I was a child. I enjoyed playing with paper dolls in my childhood. After my daughter was born, I bought a lot of clothes for her and I hope she will have a chance to wear them all before she has outgrown them." I guess this is not only describing me, but also some of you. When I bought clothes for my little one in the past few years, I have found many children's clothing brands that I couldn't put them down. I always want to share them with mothers who also like to dress their children up. At the same time, I found that many new and high-quality children's clothing were left unused in the market. Therefore, I hope that they can find their new little owners through Mini Closet. If you share the same thoughts as me, let's join our consignment program now!

Owner Fava

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